Boudha biggest buddhist stupa is asia


In todays post I show you the Stupa of Boudha in Kathmandu. It is the biggest of it’s kind in asia. Now I did try to google if there are buddhist stupas outside asia, I found some big ones in India. My religious or geographic skills might be a bit outdated. Howerever this is a big and beautiful stupa.
Kathmandu, Nepal, december 7th 2016: people walk around temple c
The large temple area give a great feeling and is surrounded by a lot of mystic athmosphere. I went up for lunch on one of the roof top restaurants. This helped me to get this picture and a quite good lunch at around 3usd including a much needed big bottle of water. Deal. There are various guest houses around the stupa, with amazing view.

Kathmandu, Nepal, december 7th 2016: students walk around temple
It was lunch time and it appears students from nearby universities are getting here to charge their batteries and drop some prayers while spinning the prayer wheels.

prayer wheels in nepal temple
Thes prayer wheels, often found in nepalese temples, are lined up all around the temple. I know it does not sound very spiritual, but having those wheels touched day by day in these heat…I guess that might as well serve as a vaccination.

Kathmandu, Nepal, december 7th 2016: ceremony master in front bo

A dwarfish and a disabled ceremony master take care of a hug bell shaped prayer wheel at the entrance of the stupa.

temple with himalaya in backround

The view on the temple residing the stupa from one of the surrounding rooftops allows to catch some Himalaya giants in the background. Check this to find the best place to stay around here.

Stay tuned…I’m about the post some more pictures of the people praying here to get you a feeling of the atmosphere in the next post.


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