Elinchrom Beauty dish aka Softlite Reflector 70cm white 27″

The Elinchrom Softlite 27″ Reflector (White) is a parabolic „Pan“ reflector with adjustable deflector shield for eliminating specular light from the flashtube, and re-directing it back into the reflector. It includes silver, gold, frosted and white deflectors.


It is ideal for portrait and commercial photography where broad, soft, even lighting is required, but has more crispness than a softbox.

For many photographer in portrait and fashion this is the most important lightshaper at all. They love it. Often it is used from above in combination with a foldable reflector(because the positioning above does not flatter models with deeper facial lines). I’m not a big fan of the beauty dish(CURRENTLY). That’s just my personal view and light can be to taste.
If I want a beauty dish, I use this white version, with the white deflector. If I would want more crisp light, I would go for a elinchrom maxi dish or the profoto magnum(which I LOVE, very unforgiving though).

You can see a sample picture here when I did use it in a beauty portrait:
See all the shots here:

Another place where I did use it is on a pool table as I wanted more directional light with softness, to give a bit of a pool table salon atmosphere:

The Elinchrom beauty dish traveled around the world with me for many shootings and still is in acceptable shape. That speaks for quality construction. If you like you can change the deflector to get different color characteristics. Elinchrom also offers a grid for it to get a harder and more directional light. I actualy also put the deflectors in other lightshaper to taste.