Hasselblad HC 50mm II

The HC 50mm delivers a field of you of 39mm (compared to the 35mm System). In portrait photography this is close to the barrier of getting odd, yet still fine.  I use this lense mainly for environmental portraits. It also comes handy if I have to work in small spaces and need to be closer to the model.Vivien_0080-2


The lense is visibly sharper then it's previous version. The HC50mm II can be used open at f3.5 and it will be perfectly sharp and contrasty already - given you are able to nail the focus.




Focusing works fast and accurate though with the Truefocus system from Hasselblad. You have to be a bit more carefull with recomposing at large apertures in comparison with longer lenses, as the way is longer and you can make more mistakes.



As most medium format lenses, the lense is quite big and heavy for a prime. It balances well on the Hasselblad body though. Compared to the Zoom's it's still a light weight.


Highly recommended lense.


Press release:

The Hasselblad Wide Angle 50mm f/3.5 HC II Auto Focus Lens for H Cameras is a complete optical re-design, with improved resolution, extremely even sharpness over the image area, and reduced lateral chromatic aberration. This versatile all-purpose lens incorporates a moderate wide-angle effect, and features advanced optical design with rear focus mechanism--applications include landscape, architecture and photojournalism.

General purpose wide angle lens for the "H" Series camera
Rapid and accurate automatic focusing capability
Instant manual focus override with natural friction and instant automatic-focus return capability
All HC lenses have electronic shutter mechanisms and feature multi-coating for efficient stray light elimination, an integral focus drive motor, and instant access to manual focus without switching between manual and auto focus
Flash sync at shutter speeds from 32s to 1/800s
The HC lenses use metal, not plastic, wherever possible, in order to ensure their reliability and durability year after year
In addition, the special optical design of the lenses provides a uniquely soft, smooth quality to the blurred or out-of-focus areas of the image
Non-rotation of filter or accessory when focusing and non-rotation of lens barrel in automatic focusing mode
All lenses use threaded filters and include lens shade and bayonet mount and can be reverse mounted for transport
Automatic detection of extension rings and converters