Hasselblad HC 80mm F2.8

The HC 80mm delivers a field of you of 64mm (compared to the 35mm System)on the H4D-40 and on the newest H5D-50c. I use this lense mainly for full body portraits. It also comes handy if I have to work in small spaces and need to be closer to the model. As it’s light weight, it’s also the best choice for travel. It may seem a bit unspectacular as it comes in the kit usualy, it is small and light, and it is much cheaper then other Hasselblad lenses. Don’t be fooled, actualy that could make it the perfect lense and the only one you will ever need.


The HC80mm can be used open at f2.8 and it will be perfectly sharp and contrasty already - given you are able to nail the focus. I feel like the rendering is a bit darker then other Hasselblad lenses.



Focusing works fast and accurate though with the Truefocus system from Hasselblad. The F2.8 of course requires precise work as the depth of field is very shallow



Unlike most medium format lenses, the lense is very light and handy. It balances well on the Hasselblad body and makes it possible to work longtime.


Highly recommended lense. If you can only afford one lense, look no further.



The Hasselblad 80mm f/2.8 is the standard lens for the H system. The high-performance design ensures great color correction, a flat image plane, and low distortion. The wide aperture facilitates photography in poor light and provides a bright viewfinder image. A lens suited for almost any task in general photography.

If I need a standard focal length on my H4D-40, this is the way to go. The lense is always sharp and focuses precisely. It's light weight and it's the cheapest in the line up. Nothing to add here. This lense is just highly recommended.