Leica Q hands on review



So I was able to get to test the Leica Q.

In short:
This is the best digital camera Leica produced so far. They really did their homework! Congratulations!
This camera offers what the Leica M should offer to justify it’s price tag.
Awesome finish as usual, feels very good in hand, all the functions just work they way a photographer needs them.
It has only one downside. And this in my opinion is not even the price.
They choose to go for a 28mm lense. Read why(my opinion)!

Why a 28mm?!
As I focus mainly on people photography, this is not my focal length, or at least not what I want to buy in a fixed lense camera. For what the Leica Q is, I would even want to pay the high price tag if it would be a 50mm or a 35mm.
hmmmm ok wait a moment…most Leica M photographers shoot at 35m or 50mm 90% of the time. What would happen to the 10’000USD++ combo of a Leica M and a 35mm or 50mm Summilux (or be it a summicron) if a camera half the price would offer more?
Right Leica would loose business.
So with a 28mm it becomes another rich mans toy(a nice one), not really a full time camera.


The Leica Q offers a 24mp sensor and a 28mm leaf shutter(!) lense with Aufofocus. It has and optical viewfinder with focus peaking and a nice display on the back with touch screen.
Everything in excellent and pleasing quality, awesome!

Autofocus/Manual Focus:

Autofocus is fast and accurate. The focus point can be selected by just typing on the touchscreen if activated. More like my workflow is the selection of focus point all over the screen. You can select the point with the multifunction arrows on the right, without having to touch a button first(Sony Fuji Canon listen!).
If you choose manual focus, you can use focus peaking(and magnification if you want). Manual focus is super smooth and responsive.(Unlike Sony or Fuji). Just like a Leica.
I consider correct focus the most critical part of a camera: no matter how sharp your lense is and how good your sensor, and out of focus image will be blur.