mount everest seen from Nagarkot with prayer flags

So todays trip was to the roof of the world. Or at least to a place the allows to get a great view of it. Nagarkot ist on 2700m over sea level. Pine trees are common. The air in december is dry and clear and offer great views on the Himalayas. It is still quite hot in the sun, like t shirt weather.Shadows are cooler.rice terraces in Nepal
On the way to Nagarkot you can see few rice terraces and the Kathmandu valley in the background. The roads are a bit bumpy, nobody drives to fast anyway here.
nagarkoth village with view on himalaya
The village is spread a bit over the top of the hill. There are quite a few resorts offering stays with great views.Himalayans can be seen in the background already. If you want to find a hotel in Nagarkot, follow this link to find the best places

mount everest seen from Nagarkot
Finally here it is, the biggest of them all: Mount Everest. It is not alone there though, there’s like almost a dozen of mountains peeking over a 8000 meters.
Nagarkot, Nepal, december 7th 2016: view point tower with sight
At the Nagarkot height there is a view tower worth to climb up and get a 360 view of Nepal.


evening view on nepal
Also the view to the other side then the himalaya is spectacular with nice hills lining up. Best enjoyed from one of the many resort and guest housesin Nagarkot.

Stay tuned for the next Nepal trip report!


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