Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II (MK2) Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera

So I was able to test and use the Olympus Camera & Photo“ target=“_blank“>OM-D E-M5 Mark II (MK2) in real life and I’m able to give you an in detail hands on review for real world use.
I will give you the information the marketing sheet will not show you.


The main reason for me to test the omd e-m5 was because of the new video features:
24fps, full manual control, a broad range of lenses available, even more through adapters.


Handling in video mode:
I never used and Olympus before, so at the beginning it was quite painfull. After spending some time though I was able to set my cam to very comfortable recording settings.


Here's a little sample video in low light, which shows low light performance and stabilisation:


So the omd m5 mk2(what a painfully long name, I still struggle) does have a lot of functions and allows great manual control. Even, it allows easy access to the funtions. Through the quick on screen menu(hit "ok") or through the function buttons. The function buttons are highly customizeable.

A very neat feature is to customize a function button in order to get the 2 wheels(mostly used to set aperture and shutterspeed) to set white balance and ISO. People more into still photography will think "so what?". But if you shoot video in manual mode, you will find out iso and white balance will be the parameters you need to change the most in uncontroled environments. So great job on this one.

Setting up frame rates is also easy and powerfull by just setting the rate number.

Of course the swivel screen adds a lot of comfort. In fact until now I did never even look  into the viewfinder of this camera yet. I will keep that experience for bright day light shootings.


The camera is light and small. Yet it does have enough grip to hold it in your hands.




Everthing works smoth and the camera is very responsive. This was to be expected from Olympus.



Autofocus is fast and accurate. Great job. I tryed the pro zoom 14-40mm on it and was impressed. Same goes for the 50mm f1.8 Zuiko. Some of the Olympus lenses have the nice feature to pull the focus ring to switch into manual focus(sadly the 50mm does not have it).

Manual focus works great as you can set the focus peaking. Also very nice that you can configure a button and just switch it off, if the peaking color gets distracting. So far I did focus the pro zoom on it, the 17mm, the 50mm and a voigtlander 25mm 0.95.

Focus is just fine, also tracking in movie mode. Coming from Fuji this is a big hurray. Compared to the canon 70d it's just normal.



Highly recommended camera.


For my use it's mainly for video, where the fuji really sucks. Until now I still prefer the fuji for the large sensor and shallower depth of field.


The black Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera combines a 16MP Live MOS sensor with a TruePic VII Image Processor for increased performance speed and reduced noise throughout the ISO range as compared to TruePic VI. The Mark II also improves upon its predecessor by utilizing a 5-axis VCM Image Stabilization that provides up to 5 stops of compensation. Full HD 1080p video recording is now available on the Mark II with a higher bitrate of up to 77 Mb/s and various codecs. Built into the E-M5 Mark II is a unique feature that utilizes sensor shift to produce a 40MP image by combining 8 images in-camera.

The camera's fully articulated 3" touchscreen LCD monitor makes taking self portraits easy, and the built-in WiFi lets you quickly share your images. When not using the LDC monitor for live view, the 2,360k-dot EVF provides a virtually lag-free view with a 1.48x magnification.

Superior Image Quality
The Olympus E-M5 Mark II uses a 16-megapixel High-Speed Live MOS Sensor offering improved performance and exceptional clarity and speed in all aspects of image capture. Olympus' TruePic VII image-processing engine improves image quality in low-light environments. The camera's sensor allows for a maximum ISO of 25,600, and the dynamic range has been expanded for more faithful color reproduction.
5-Axis Image Stabilization
The ultra-sensitive 5-axis VCM (voice coil motor) employs updated gyro sensors for a full 5 exposure steps of compensation. The E-M5 Mark II delivers sharp, clear still images in low light or steady HD video when capturing movies.
Intuitively Designed Electronic Viewfinder
The camera's electronic viewfinder has an eye sensor to seamlessly switch the display between the tilting 3.0" touch screen OLED and the electronic viewfinder for ease-of-use. Camera setting information, such as shutter speed, is displayed at the bottom of the viewfinder so photographers can concentrate on framing shots and take full advantage of an EVF's ability to display the effects of various exposure adjustments and Art Filter effects - all without having to take the eye away from the viewfinder
Additional Features
Interactive, high-resolution and high-magnification electronic viewfinder. 3" touch-screen LCD monitor, with variable angle positioning. Built-in Wi-Fi for instant connectivity. Live Composite, which automatically blends multiple exposures for incredibly detailed night scenes, and compatibility with Olympus Capture camera control software, which creates a seamless interface between camera and computer for studio work.