M lenses on the Fuji GFX

I was doing a quick test to see the coverage of my Leica Lenses on the Fuji GFX with the Kipon adapter.

From what I have seen the following lenses cover well:

35mm Summicron Asph

75mm Apo Summicron


These lenses don’t cover the sensor size well:

35mm Summicron V4

35mm Summicron V2

50mm Summilux asph

50mm Summilux pro asph

90mm Summicron(non apo)

18mm SEM

28mm Elmarit asph

21mm Elmarit asph


As for the sharpness I did a test and was pretty surprised. The lenses resolve very well even outside the center. Of course there is vignette and some croping might be needed.

Click on the links to see pictures at all apertures with 100% crops.

35mm Summicron ASPH

75mm Summicron APO