Our studio is located at Ramkamhaeng 39, soi 7.

The large production place offers:
- big high ceiling main studio
- desk setup for directing team
- makeup and dressing room
- offices
- meeting room with large Screen
- fitness room with full wall mirror and dancing bar
- pool table lounge
- grunge/retro wall


The following equipement is available for shooting:
-Profoto D1 and B1 flash heads
-Profoto Magnum dish
-Profoto grid spot reflector D1 5,10,20
-Profoto white deep large umbrella 150cm
-Profoto small umbrella
-Profoto Strip Boxes including grip
-Profoto Softboxes
-Mola Beauty dish 22″
-Profoto flash triggers
-Profoto Reflector medium
-California SunBounce large
-California Sunbounce small

-We shoot with the finest fashion and portrait camera available today, the Hasselblad H6D-50 with lenses 28mm, 50mm, 100mm for 50mp large files

Be aware streetnumbers have just been changed, in google it’s still listed as soi 4, while on the street it is written 7 already: